Are Louis Vuitton Handbags Worth It? - The Sourceity

Louis Vuitton is one of the largest fashion houses in the world and the craftsmanship of their pieces speaks for themselves. When it comes to handbags, there aren’t many other luxury brands that are doing it better.

Their bags are made with immaculate construction and durability and are considered timeless pieces that will always be on trend. For these reasons alone a Louis Vuitton bag is worth adding to your closet. Another great reason, and the most important in my opinion, is their potential for high resale value.

An example is the Chantilly LV bag that on average, holds 85% of its original value when resold. You may hear people knock the “Neverfull”, but they hold an impressive 91% of their resale value on average. Believe it or not, it’s also possible to resell your LV bag for more than you paid originally.

Sound too good to be true?

Right now, a Louis Vuitton Bumbag in good resale condition is selling for more than the original price with an average of 119% resale value. Talk about a true investment piece! Like any important purchase, make sure to do your research first as there are plenty of things to consider if you’re looking to buy a Louis Vuitton bag with the potential of high resale. Look at pieces that were made in smaller quantities and therefore have a higher rate of desirability. Limited editions or “mini” versions are great examples.

On average, the Louis Vuitton Mini Speedy has a resale value of 201%! Louis Vuitton has also done a number of creative and groundbreaking collaborations. These pieces are always in demand and some have become a real rarity. When Louis Vuitton collaborated with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami in 2002, they created some of the most iconic and timeless pieces that are still in demand today. So when it comes to buying a bag, even if you don’t plan on reselling, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that you can.

Keep your money where you can see it best - hanging in your closet.