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Guide to Celine: A timeless Designer Staple

If you’re looking for understated quiet luxury, a Celine bag is the choice for you. Known for their classic design and minimalism, Celine is a great option for those looking for a designer investment that isn’t typically overdone with logos or monograms. 

But is a Celine bag worth it? Though a Celine bag is deemed as minimal and simplistic luxury, that doesn’t mean they are any less impactful in design. Through excellent craftsmanship and elegance, the Celine bag delivers on many levels. In 2021, the luxury market report stated that pre-loved Celine bags transcend their original retail price making them a lucrative investment. 

How to Authenticate a Celine Bag?

In choosing a vintage Celine bag, it’s important that you know your bag is authentic. You might be wondering, how can I tell if a Celine bag is real? There are a few key points to look for in ensuring your bag’s authenticity. With the popular Luggage tote for example, firstly, take a look at the signature Celine logo. If your bag was made prior to 2018, the exterior logo should have a right facing accent above the first “e” and “Paris'' printed underneath. If your bag was made after 2018, the accent is no longer present. This rebranding was a decision made when the brand’s current Creative Director, Hedi Slimane took over. The Celine font is also slightly more narrow in spacing to create a tighter appearance. Be sure to look at the font itself as well, as the “C” should appear round and not oval which is common in some fakes. In luggage bags the internal logo will differ based on size, but the one thing that is consistent is that the heat stamp will always match the colour of the hardware. 

There is a serial number present on Celine luggage totes and it is found in the rear interior pocket on a leather tab. Like the internal logo, the serial number is presented in various ways based on style which makes authenticating particularly tricky. One consistency to look out for is the format in which the serial number is printed, which is always one letter, followed by two letters, followed by four numbers. All sections are separated by a dash. To understand what these letters and numbers mean, always follow this rule: The first two letters represent the location the bag was made, the first and third numbers represent the week, and the second and fourth numbers indicate the year. 

The hardware on Celine bags is also a great way to quickly determine whether or not your bag is fake and is a common mistake amongst replicas. For example, If the hardware on a shoulder strap clasp appears overly shiny, this could be an indication of a fake bag. Whether it’s silver or gold toned, Celine’s hardware can resemble an antique and even tarnished finish. Look at the engraving as well, on authentic Celine bags, the word should start at the top of the clasp and often counterfitters will get this wrong.  It’s important to shop from trusted resale sites like ours to ensure that you don’t miss any of these subtle details. When in doubt, let us do the work for you. 

How much is a Celine Bag and are they worth it?

The price point of a Celine may not reach the same heights as Hermes or Chanel, but a new bag will still cost you. In fact, Celine bags reached a new high in 2022 when they raised their prices not once, but twice and on average, will run you between $2,000- $5,000 CAD. With that said, they are also among the luxury bags that have the best resale value. If you factor in cost per wear, and are the type of person who can maintain the care for a designer bag, it’s a great investment option. Don’t want to drop that kind of money on a bag? Vintage is a great alternative. Because these bags are constructed with some of the highest quality materials, they’re made to last a lifetime. We all know the looming feeling of buyer's remorse, so if you ever do change your mind, reselling is always an option. 

The Iconic Styles of Celine


The Celine brand is the embodiment of chic and effortless Parisian fashion and there are so many bags to choose from. Dating back to 1945, the brand was originally a children’s shoe boutique opened by Céline Vipiana and her husband in Paris, France. Eventually, they decided to refocus their brand and introduced ready to wear women’s clothing with Vapiana remaining the original designer through to 1997.


After an acquisition into the LVMH group, the brand went on to have many creative directors including Pheobe Philo who arguably was of the most influential to the brand and created the iconic styles we know today like the Classic Box Bag, and once highly popular and - dare I say - almost controversial, the Celine Luggage bag. This bag hit peak popularity in the 2010’s, worn by celebrities, bloggers and almost anyone who could get their hands on one. Despite Pheobe’s exit in 2018, the bag is still being made and can be found in various leather, fabrics and almost any colour under the sun. Perhaps one of the most recognizable and iconic bags of the brand is the Celine Luggage bag, but is it still in style today?


Of course this is just my opinion, but personally - and I hate to say it - but I find it a little dated. Something about this tote reminds me all too well of the other fashions of the 2010s that haunt my memories. When I think of this bag, I can’t help but think of chunky blanket scarves, skinny jeans and over the knee suede boots. Hilariously dubbed on Tik Tok as “Christian Girl Autumn '' and everyone’s Pinterest aesthetic in 2014. Of course, style is entirely subjective and there’s nothing wrong with continuing to rock this bag. As we know, fashion is cyclical and there’s no doubt in my mind that we could see this bag come back in full swing, much like the resurgence of the 90’s we’ve seen recently.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Celine bag and if you’re thinking of investing in one, you’ve come to the right place. Shop our selection of vintage designer to save up to 80% off retail prices. Happy shopping!